Naisula Lesuuda's rise to becoming the first Samburu elected woman MP

On any other day, she passes as any ordinary lawmaker and a peace ambassador, particularly in the wild Suguta triangle where bandit attacks pitting three communities Samburu, Pokot, and Turkana might be seen as a norm given the never-ending vice since time immemorial. However, behind her smiley face, darting eyes, and her signature dress ornament always carefully perched on her forehead culturally known as sae e nkwe, Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda has made history after being elected the first woman to serve as an MP in her Samburu community. In an interview airing on Tuesday night with NTV Reporter Duncan Khaemba, Naisula says getting to that position was not anywhere easy as imagined, but it was a course that entailed pleading, sweat, and tears. She first made her name as a broadcast journalist working with national broadcaster KBC. Like any other ordinary Samburu woman or a majority of them, Lesuuda would have been expected to perhaps be taking care of children, building homes referred to as manyattas, looking after young and injured livestock that can not be taken to far-flung areas for grazing among other chores assigned to Samburu womenfolk. Nonetheless, youthful Naisula Lesuuda is among the few lucky ones and has instead become a trailblazer, now a third-time legislator who has made history by becoming the first woman to be elected as an MP to lead and represent her Samburu West community in the National Assembly for second term.
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