Inside Kisii Wars: Arati vs Osoro

A political storm is brewing Kisii County. A fierce duel between Governor Simba Arati and Majority Whip Silvanus Osoro, former allies turned fierece rivals, has reignited tensions. While it appears like a typical political clash, whispers of deeper forces at play fuel the fire. This rivalry evokes memories of the outlawed Chinkororo sect that being used by political heavyweights the region to silence opponents. Questions linger: Is President Ruto aiming to exert control over Kisii politics through this rivalry? Are disgruntled contractors, claiming unpaid dues, fuelling the conflict? Who is behind the brazen altercations between Arati and Osoro and can mediators resolve this conflict before spill out of control? Melita Oletenges, our Senior Political Reporter lifts the lid on the political storm brewing in Kisii County. #InsideKisiiWars
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