PCOS: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment //Your World with Winnie Lubembe

A disorder that affects a woman’s hormonal levels,Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a common cause of worry among women of reproductive age.

The main features of PCOS are the production of cysts in the ovaries, excessive production of  male hormones/androgens and irregular or skipped periods.

Having higher-than-normal androgen levels, and the infrequency of ovulation makes PCOS  a leading cause of infertility in women.

So what causes PCOS?, how is it diagnosed?, and how does one manage PCOS?…we are glad you asked…on this episode of Your world, we are joined by Dr. Kireki Omanwa the current president of the Gynaecological Society as well as Lydia Ndiho who is living with PCOS to help us delve more into this lifelong condition.

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