Glow & Glam : "A Conversation on Beauty ,Glow & Everything Glam" With Sharon , Wanluv and Temina | #TheGlamNtv

The beauty industry has advanced significantly over the years, with technology driving innovation and the development of new products and services. On this Episode we delve deeper into what is beauty , the importance of skin care as we navigate what Glow and Glam means to these beautiful ladies , Sharon Mwangi , Temina Semi and Waluv
Temina; "Glow is when you are healthy from the inside and it shows from the outside whilst Glam is tailoring what is beautiful for you"
Wanluv : "Glow has a lot to do with where your mental state is and the food you eat while Glam for me is dressing up and going with the flow as far as the outside is concerned"
Sharon: Glow has to do a lot with the inward ,then the outward shows ...If you are healthy , drinking enough water , minding your business and being loved right (being in a healthy relationship) then there is an outward glow  While Glam is all about self care ... If I do my hair , wax , dress up and do anything and everything to do with self care , them that Glam to me
What does Glow & Glam mean to you ?
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