Nuru AbdulAziz
Nuru AbdulAziz
News Anchor/ Reporter, News

Nuru Abdulaziz is a dynamic and engaging bilingual journalist with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the Islamic University in Uganda and a Master’s degree in Translation from the University of Nairobi.

Nuru eloquently delivers the news in Swahili on NTV and is also a gifted features writer and producer with a special interest in health and women’s issues.

She is family oriented and seeks to create impact in society by influencing agendas that promote the wellbeing of families.

Broadcasting Experience

Nuru has worked in the Kenyan media industry for over 10 years, having previously worked for:

  • Iqra FM
  • K24TV and
  • EBRU TV.

Fun Fact

Nuru enjoys travel and DIY projects especially around fashion, beauty and Health. When she is not gracing our screens or taking care of her family, she is enjoying Indian and action movies or reading an interesting book.

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