Camouflaged Crimes: A breastfeeding mother's near-death incident in suspected army bomb blast

A woman in Samburu sat down to breastfeed her child, and in that intimate bonding moment with her baby, tragedy struck. A bomb went off. The bomb, believed to be an unexploded ordnance from military activity, did not harm her baby, but almost cost a 7-year-old boy his hand. This is yet another incident in Samburu county where residents come into contact with the unexploded ordnances or bombs, leaving a trail of pain, and death in some cases. In July this year, Ngina Kirori brought you a three-part series, Camouflaged Crimes, highlighting the sufferings of people and communities in various counties on account of the activities of the British Army Training Unit in Kenya, BATUK. In this special report, she brings to the fore yet another incident along the same thread of tragedies.
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