'Everything Everywhere All at Once' wins Oscar for best picture

"Everything Everywhere All at Once" -- a wacky sci-fi featuring hot dog fingers, sex toys, bagels and talking rocks -- on Sunday became surely the wackiest film ever to win the Oscar for best picture. With its unique blend of action, humor and existential angst, the adventure of a Chinese American laundromat owner battling a multiverse-hopping supervillain entered the Academy Awards as the clear favorite with 11 nominations -- and ended the night with seven total awards, including the night's most coveted. Michelle Yeoh on Sunday made history by becoming the first Asian woman to win the best actress Oscar, for her exuberant portrayal of an immigrant business owner thrust into a zany multiverse in the sci-fi trip "Everything Everywhere All at Once." The Hollywood veteran won over Academy voters with her complex take on Evelyn Wang, a Chinese American laundromat owner who is mired in a tax audit, stuck in a crumbling marriage and struggling to connect with her daughter Joy.
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