#Twende Lamu Port: We woke up at 4am to catch a 'goods' boat from Faza to Lamu and it was NOT the best experience /#TwendeNtv

On this episode we had to catch a goods boat from Faza to lamu because we had an appointment at the port. Faza has one scheduled boat that leaves every morning and we couldn't afford to miss it. It was either the goods boat or we get stuck in Faza or wait until about 10am ,catch a scheduled matatu to mtangawanda and take a speed boad from there to Lamu ,which coasts a-lot . And so we chose the goods boat But because there was low tide in the morning ,the boat is anchored in the deep sea off the Island and so we had to get another small boat to get us there because every travel here is Lamu is determined by the tides And let me just put a disclaimer , this is not one of those fancy cruise ship where you have a comfy suite with a bed , kumbuka hii boat ni ya mizigo and you can see from the episode how uncomfortable it was .But it was more uncomfortable for us than the locals here, i guess we can all say wao wamezoea They say that the end justifies the means right? We got to the port on time and that is all we were looking forward I know you will enjoy viewing this episode, so have a blast #TwendeNtv