Scenarios for Kenya in 2040 | Business Redefined

What are the prospects for Kenya's economy in the medium-term? The Institute of Economic Affairs, IEA Kenya, posits that there are four possible scenarios that could materialize. The first is the 'Madaraka Realized' scenario where state capacity improves and there is greater economic freedom with a private sector led economic growth model; the second is the 'Jua Kali Kingdom' where there are favorable policy reforms but the state is ineffective and institutions are weak preventing the implementation of the favorable reforms; the third is 'Managed Stagnation' where state capacity improves but policy direction is not supportive of a well developed private sector leading to failure in Industrialization of the economy & finally the 'Eastern Sunset' scenario where the state is ineffective and policy environment is not conducive to development of a vibrant private sector. For more on this, we speak to the IEA Kenya CEO, Kwame Owino.
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