Twende Shela: "Exploring the Timeless Beauty of Shela Island //#TwendeNtv 

"Immerse yourself in the unspoiled charm of Shela Island, where Swahili culture and natural splendor intertwine.From the narrow cobbled alleyways to the pristine beaches, Shela offers a unique travel experience that is both serene and captivating.

Shela is the gateway to the open sea and is located 3.2 kms from Lamu town and is much smaller.Hata hivyo the houses here are Posher. Huku ni kama Muthaiga ya Lamu island.The houses are well maintained and majority of them have a good finishing. Unlike Lamu there is an inclination to makuti roofing. Shela indeed gives you the vibe of a tourist town.


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