Earring in men, crop tops among prohibited dress-codes in KEMU University

The Kenya Methodist University has urged its students to adopt a style of dressing and appearance in what it terms as would be acceptable in various fields of society and work in general. Through the office of the dean of students, the school has asked its students to wear appropriate attire during study, at meal times in the school's dining hall and in all university functions. In the letter, Dr. Esther Mbaabu, the dean of students, highlighted attires that would be considered inappropriate in the school premises. Male students have been advised against wearing earrings, untucked shirts, hats/caps in offices and classes, vests that show the bare chest, plaited hair and dreadlocks. On the other hand, female students have been cautioned against crop tops exposing their navel, bare backs exposing their backs, any skirt above the knee line, body tight trousers and dresses or blouses with a neckline running down more than 4 inches. KEMU joins a list of private universities such as United States International University Africa (USIU), Strathmore that have urged its students to adopt a style of dressing and appearance.
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